Podkarpackie is the least urbanised region of Poland and one of the ecologically cleanest in the country. There are geographical areas in the region that account for its uniqueness not only in the country. There are the Bieszczady Mountains, Beskid Niski, the Carpathian Foothills and the Sandomierz Lowland and part of the southern Roztocze, or the San Valley. The region is very rich in flora and fauna, and various hiking trails lead through the areas of picturesque landscapes.

Much of the Bieszczady Mountains is subject to various forms of protection and there are several nature reserves, landscape parks – such as the San Valley and the Ciśniańsko – Wetliński Landscape Park and one of the largest parks in Poland, namely the Bieszczadzki National Park. All parks are part of the International Biosphere Reserve “The East Carpathians”, which was one of the first reserves in Europe created under the auspices of UNESCO in 1992 and it covers the borderland of Poland, Slovakia and Ukraine. The Magura National Park, which protects the landscape of the lowest part of the Polish Carpathians – Beskid Niski, was established in the south-western part of the Podkarpackie Voivodeship.

Podkarpackie is also a place where you can practice almost all winter sports, as well as experience the adventure of a glider or paraglider. The air traditions of the region can be seen not only in the existence of the “Aviation Valley” Association, which brings together nearly 90% of aviation in Poland, but also in the activities of five flying clubs offering tourist flights by plane, motor gliding, paragliding, as well as skydiving and glider training. Tyrolean traverses, crossing over the abyss or the rapid river of the so-called Panama bridge, await the supporters of thrills and adventures. Climbing enthusiasts will find great places to engage in this kind of sports. Podkarpackie also offers well-developed horse-riding tourism, numerous bicycle paths, survival expeditions, as well as the world of sailing, canoeing and relaxation on Solina Lake.