The Podkarpackie already boasts a well-prepared tourist infrastructure to meet the most sophisticated expectations, but we assure that this is only the beginning of what we will be able to surprise all guests in the future.

Unquestionably, the Bieszczady Mountains, which need no additional advertising as they are known across Poland and abroad, prevail in terms of recreation or investment, as well as in an increasingly fashionable selection of a new place to settle.. The popularity of Beskid Niski, however, where the good Lemko traditions reinforced by elements originating from the American Wild West have returned, is increasing day by day. The centuries-old cultural borderland has left many traces in the form of valuable monuments of secular and sacred, as well as non-material culture, manifesting itself in the customs of the former and present ethnic groups. What’s more, the nature of Podkarpacie can surprise many enthusiasts of the natural order of the world and its diversity is often dizzying.

Podkarpackie, in accordance with the requirements of the modern world, focuses on modernity, and this manifests itself through the development of all of the available infrastructure and creates new opportunities for both residents as well as potential investors from home and abroad. There is no doubt that our voivodeship has thoroughly qualified staff, ready to take up challenges in all areas of socio – economic development. The huge potential of young people acquiring the necessary knowledge and experience in the Carpathian universities, is a great opportunity for this region to further develop and meet the ever-pressing competition. After the Polish accession to the European Union, our voivodeship has responsibly accepted the burden of contacts with partners from Ukraine and the help in their efforts to join the EU structures.

source: www.umwp.podkarpackie.pl